Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does The Hangover Secret help avoid hangovers?

Hangover Secret focuses on the three most crucial factors that cause components of hangovers with our blend of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients.

Recover: A toxic metabolite called acetaldehyde (look it up) wreaks havoc on the body as well as the mind. This stage 5 clinger increases free radicals and is the main cause of a hangover. Our special blend supports the liver* and provides anti-oxidants to stabilize the free radicals.

Rehydrate: Stress disrupts the electrolyte balance, which disrupts our life. Our enhanced electrolyte blend includes Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium. This blend counterbalances to keep the system running at full speed.

Replenish: All those restroom breaks are causing more than dehydration. They are depleting your water-soluble B Vitamins. Vitamin depletion can make you feel ill and slow liver function.
For best results, mix one packet in a glass of cold water before bedtime. If you are planning a night on the town we recommend pre-gaming and post-gaming with a packet. Consumption with food is encouraged to increase the absorption.
While it is best to take Hangover Secret in the evening so your body can process throughout the night, there are still benefits when taken in the morning. The high potency packets will assist the body by hydrating and cleansing in order to create clarity for your day.
At Hangover Secret we in no way what so ever encourage over consumption of alcohol. Our goal is to be the hangover product for responsible adults who drink responsibly. So please practice safe responsible drinking. If using for work or fitness related hangovers, we recommend limiting the stress on your body.
More than any product can offer this depends on your body composition. Are you a 300-lb linebacker for the NFL or are you small party animal in the office? You know your body better than anyone else so follow it's guidance in moderation. The Hangover Secret is designed to support your body so you can have a productive start to the day so make sure you get your sleep. It is not a product designed to help you drink more than the frat boys. Nor can we claim it prevents, cures or mitigates a hangover as we are a health supplement to support your body not an FDA approved medication. Please Note: Hangover Secret will not affect the level of intoxication and safe, responsible drinking should always be practiced. We are simply a rehydration and stress support product.
All our products are made in the United States with the very strict cGMP standards. The highest quality is of vital importance.
Hangover Secret is classified as a supplement which the FDA does not approve in the same pathway as pharmaceuticals. All ingredients in our product are FDA compliant and the manufacturing facility where it is made is cGMP.
We will always maintain the highest quality product available on the market which is one of the reasons we used a cGMP facility. cGMP facilities are described by the FDA in the follow manner: "CGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). CGMPs provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Adherence to the CGMP regulations assures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of drug products by requiring that manufacturers of medications adequately control manufacturing operations. This includes establishing strong quality management systems, obtaining appropriate quality raw materials, establishing robust operating procedures, detecting and investigating product quality deviations, and maintaining reliable testing laboratories. This formal system of controls helps to prevent instances of contamination, mix-ups, deviations, failures, and errors. This assures that drug products meet their quality standards.
Given that every person’s medical situation is different, we’re not able to give advice on that. We recommend that you contact your pharmacist or medical provider to ask about your individual case.
This is going to get a little bit nerdy but let's break down the terms first. "Cobalamin" means B12. The difference then lies between "cyano" and "methyl"

Cyanocobalamin will be metabolized into two units one being B12 and the other you probably guessed correctly Cyanide (yes the poison). This is a cheap ingredient that should not be included in any product truly focused on health and recovery. The Hangover Secret team does not recommend ever using the "cyano" version.

Methylcobalamin (what we use) is metabolized into B12 and a methyl group. Methyl has many health benefits and will assist body on it's pathway to recovery. It is expensive but is vital for optimal health. This is a subtle example of how Hangover Secret will constantly strive for excellence.
No. Hangovers can be relatively broad and are a stress response to an event. Hangovers can come in many forms "work hangover", "fitness hangover", "dehydration hangover", "night shift hangover", "stress hangover" and so on. Our goal is to support the body to be it's best.
All shipments in the lower 48 will arrive within 4-6 days. Your tracking info will be sent to you after payment has been processed. If it’s been longer than that since you placed your order or you haven’t received your tracking feel free to contact us at
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with Hangover Secret. To request a refund shoot us an email, briefly describing your experience and we’ll process your return in 24-48 hours. Please email
Not yet, currently we only ship product to the United States but are looking to expand this shortly. We’ll post announcements on our social media profiles. You can also email us at with the country that you’re located in and we’ll send you an email as soon as we can ship to you.